Boston Celtics Outlift the Miami Heat in Game 3

REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

By Mark Loiselle

Despite a 28-point fourth quarter by the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics display perseverance in a 101-91 victory on their home territory in a Friday night Eastern Conference Finals showdown.

In dominating fashion, Doc Rivers’ team was incredible right from the get-go starting off with a 30-point first quarter and then allowing only 14 points in the second quarter. The Celtics were looking up after a tough loss in Game 3 with a 13-point commanding lead at halftime (29-2 having the lead at the break).

There was an essence in the TD Garden atmosphere that superstar LeBron James had to command his troops having a Cavalier-esque performance dropping 34 points, eight rebounds, and five steals. Boston did an incredible job handling one of the Dynamic Duo, Dwayne Wade throughout the entire game only allowing 18 points.

The Celtics brought their paramount mindset in Friday’s clash by controlling the paint and exhibiting unobtainable defensive schemes. Kevin Garnett solidified a presence in the middle on both sides of the ball. On the offensive side, he destroyed the Heat with his height advantage recording 24 points and 11 rebounds. With the absence of Chris Bosh becoming an ongoing theme, Garnett used his length as a favorable benefit whether it was a hook shot or his forte a “shake-and -bake” 16 foot jump shot.

“He kept preaching to throw it up to him,” elite point guard Rajon Rondo commented on his power forward. “Regardless, if he is scoring, KG does everything well.”

Rajon Rondo put on another show, not as quite pretty as Game 3, but flirting with a triple-double, 21 points, 10 rebounds, and six rebounds.  Additionally, the captain came out with solid game recording 23 points, four assists, and two blocks.

After letting up 115 points in Game 3, Doc Rivers preached to his club that every player on the court must do the intangibles from communicating on screens to grabbing defensive rebounds as offensive rebounds have been in favored of the Heat throughout the whole series.

A gallantly effort came from the Celtics bench, specifically the eight-year veteran Marquis Daniels and backup point guard Keyon Dooling. Daniels, who usually is the least ordinary figure to come off the Celtics bench, had a huge impact in Game 5 defending the 2012 MVP and posting nine points and five rebounds in 17 minutes.

“You never know until when your number gets called so you got to be ready,” Daniels stated after the game.

Dooling has been underdog coming off the bench. His character includes a prevalent and manic mindset. Since Avery Bradley is out for the remainder of the season, the old and experienced guard has an enormous contribution on the defensive side of the ball guarding Dwayne Wade or Mario Chalmers.

With the series being 2-1, Heat’s backs are against the wall to gain a Game 4 win in Boston to close it out at home in Game 5. If you are Boston, Game 4 is a pivotal contest to retrieve a win. In winning game four, the series is a whole new ball game with a fresh new start, a three game series.


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