NBA Commissioner David Stern Fires Back at Jim Rome

Photo by Associate Press

By Mark Loiselle

Breaking News: NBA Commissioner David Stern is a boss.

A radio interview transformed into a Battle Royal between the old man and “Rome is Burning” host Jim Rome on Wednesday.

In brief dialogue, Rome asked Stern if he believed the 2012 NBA Lottery was rigged after the former NBA-owned New Orleans Hornets retrieved the first pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.

Stern turns Rome’s theory into an uppercut to the chin with the comment:

“Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

In observing this comeback, I find it priceless, but a little irrelevant at the same time. Rome was a little personal asking the commissioner  if he thought his league used favoritism and/or was staged (which it may be no one knows but him). In protection, Stern’s response was essentially a block shot, not in his house with Dikembe Mutombo-esque.

Rome finds himself in a bitter moment as he took personal offense to the question. Ultimately, Stern used an action of “anything you can say, I can say better.”

Subsequently, the 28-year owner put himself in some jeopardy with his comments, but he wanted to protect his league and end all speculation. I have never been a big fan of Stern, but I applaud him for holding down his fort and placing Rome in his own fire.

In the end, this verbal argument was incredible. Stern closed the conversation stating in degrading fashion:

“Listen, I got to go call someone important in Stephen A. Smith now.”


2 comments on “NBA Commissioner David Stern Fires Back at Jim Rome

  1. Here’s my problem with what Stern said, Jim Rome wasn’t taking a shot at Stern. He was asking a question that any fan who has watched the NBA in the past 8 years would ask. And Stern went and took (several) low blows to Rome. I hope Rome gets a public apology from Stern. I think the difference, is Rome was doing his job, Stern was supposed to do his job with a press appearance. He didn’t have to answer the question. He didn’t have to act so snidely. Shame on you Mr. Commissioner…

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