Our Team

Frankie Anetzberger – Co-Founder and Featured Brooklyn Nets Writer

Frankie Anetzberger is a Communications/Sports Journalism major at Springfield College. He has contributed to MVN, Sports Media 101, TNT Sports, and is currently a contributing writer for Dime Magazine and Hoops Addict. Frankie’s passion for basketball runs deep, proclaiming his fan hood to no specific NBA team, just the league in general.

Follow Frankie on Twitter – @frankiefrank5


Mark Loiselle – Co-Founder and Featured Boston Celtics Writer

What’s going on visitors to our site? I am Mark Loiselle, a Rhode Island native. I am currently a junior studying at Springfield College within the Communications/Sports Journalism program. Prior to college, in high school I played basketball, volleyball, and soccer all four years. My passion has and always will be sports. The mindset I have always had is if I can’t play a sport might as well write and talk about what I love. My teams consist of the Boston Celtics, Miami Dolphins, Boston Red Sox, and Boston Bruins. Currently, I am a contributor writer to HoopsAddict.com, Volleyball Magazine, and Phinphanatic.com.  Additionally, I interned with the NBA D-League team Springfield Armor.

Well enough of me. Go check out Atlantic Twine!

Follow Mark on Twitter – @MahkeyL34


Andrew Hedglen – Contributing Writer
Contributing Writer

Andrew Hedglen is a Communications/Sports Journalism major at Springfield College who has covered the Hoophall Classic for MassLive.com and has written a fantasy football blog at fantasyfootballthroughthehedge.wordpress.com.  He is a player’s fan for the NBA, but mostly the Mavs and Bucks because Kidd, Dirk, and Jennings are his favorite players.

Follow Him on Twitter – @AH3DG3 


C.J. Legner – Contributing Writer/Video Producer

C.J. is a graduate of Springfield College with a BA in Communications/Sports Journalism. She wrote for the Springfield Student, and produced Video for the Springfield College Student Media Site. She was also an intern for the Brooklyn Nets NBA D-League affiliate Springfield Armor in Video Production.

Follow Her on Twitter – @cjlegner 


Connor Getz – Featured New York Knicks WriterFeatured Knicks Writer

Hey guys, I’m Connor Getz from the very small town of Somers, CT (ya, ya, I know you don’t know where that is), currently studying Communications and Sports Journalism at Springfield College. I’m a very diverse fan proclaiming my loyalty to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Broncos, and Chicago Cubs. Don’t let my somewhat “random fan hood” fool you, I know and love sports with great passion and knowledge.

Follow Him on Twitter – @OnlyMeCG


Matt Maurice – Featured Toronto Raptors Writer

I’ve been an avid fan of the Toronto Raptors since their inaugural season, and the NBA since birth! The kind of things I enjoy scrutinizing in a game are; picks & hedges, defensive sets & play breakdowns and like everyone else — I love a great slam! I started writing a couple years back, but never had any major published blogs. I converse daily with local media members in T.O. about the Toronto Raptors and the NBA in general to keep linked in with my hard-court heroes beyond the local newspapers. I wrote the occasional blog titled “Pick & Roll” regarding my NBA opinions before I was picked up by the Atlantic Twine group.


Harry Chok – Contributing Toronto Raptors Writer

Well, my name is Harry C. I absolutely love basketball and the Toronto Raptors. Basketball is like my second religion, I play for a team in Markham and I love to play in community centres. I was a fan of the Toronto Raptors since the days of VC. Once I saw his dunk, I was just simply amazed and I fell in love. I think I can provide significant articles, opinions and other things Atlantic Twine needs me to do.


Kevin Gilbert – Contributing Writer

Kevin Gilbert is a Communication Disorders major at Springfield College and roommates with
Atlantic Twine co-founder, Frankie Anetzberger. He enjoys many different sports, particularly
baseball and basketball. An avid Yankees, Heat, Bruins, and New York Giants fan, but loves to
discuss any sport. His favorite athletes are Dwayne Wade and Derek Jeter. Hip-Hop enthusiast.

Follow Kevin on Twitter- @gillythakid92



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